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Established in 1936, Euralis is a global agricultural and agrifood cooperative that innovates, showcases and processes farmers’ products across 17 countries and 7 brands. With over 5,200 employees, Euralis also contributes to the development of rural areas.

Why Workplace?

Euralis was looking for a way to help frontline workers develop their skills more quickly, while also encouraging broader information sharing across the business. As employees worked across the globe, it was important to find a tool that everyone could use to communicate – regardless of their language, location or job role.

After exploring solutions like Workplace and Lumapps, Euralis opted for the intuitive, familiar and simple interface of Workplace. It required limited training and supported a smooth, natural transition across every level of the business.


"Thanks to Workplace, for the first time in 20 years, we have succeeded in offering an all-in-one communication platform that is international, feels natural, and is used by employees in offices and on the ground every day, mixing institutional and operational information, all with extraordinary simplicity."

Ignacio Eceiza
Head of Digital Skills Center, Euralis


mobile access (+400% versus older intranet portal)
activated accounts since introducing Knowledge Library
active monthly users
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Overcoming language barriers

Euralis puts cultural and professional diversity at the core of everything they do. However, this diversity also creates barriers for communication across different locations. As more than 80% of subsidiaries do not speak English, Workplace’s auto-translate functionality is critical not only to ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date information, but also to creating a sense of community across the workforce.

A real-time information hub

Workplace’s Knowledge Library is an all-in-one directory for Euralis employees to easily access the latest corporate information, news and governance changes. Given the importance of staying up-to- date with laws and regulations in agriculture, the comprehensive database ensures all workers and partners can easily understand what they need to do and when. After this initial success, Euralis now plans to transfer all resources from its old intranet to Knowledge Library.

Security control chat bots

What was once a complex process of auditing farm sites, silos and grain stores has been simplified by Workplace. The organization developed a security control chat bot that eliminated the need to manually take pictures of stocks, write notes, and then upload everything to their database later on. Now the whole process happens within Workplace Chat, and is automatically uploaded once the audit is complete. It’s a hassle free and streamlined process that ensures compliance and consistency.

Key Features


Connect to the tools you’re already using.


Connect to the tools you’re already using.


Work together in 91 languages at the touch of a button.

Knowledge Library

Make static content easily discoverable on desktop and mobile.