Knowledge Library

The Workplace Knowledge Library is a new home for your key resources. It’s a single place to create, store and share static content like HR policies or working from home advice on desktop or mobile, so your company knowledge is accessible and discoverable.

A smarter way to store and share information

The average employee wastes over 9 hours a week searching for critical company information like time off or travel policies. Knowledge Library makes your people more productive by bringing it all together in a single place. Use simple tools to create content, attach files, share links and customize what people see - on desktop and mobile. Whatever your employees are looking for, Workplace is where they’ll find it.

Out-of-the-box solution

Knowledge Library is an out-of-the-box solution that won’t need tech support to set up or maintain. There’s a simple composer for content creation, fully integrated search to find what you’re looking for, and straightforward permissions to control who sees what. Best of all, it’s included as standard with every Workplace package - so it doesn’t even cost you extra.

Bring real-time and static information together

People don’t work well in silos - and neither does information. That’s why Knowledge Library sits right alongside your Chat threads, Group posts and Live videos to create a single center for collective knowledge across your business. So you can use one search bar to find all your content and information.

Your key questions answered

Will I need tech support to launch Knowledge Library?

No. Knowledge Library is a new feature within Workplace, so you won’t need tech support to get started. You don’t even need to download a separate app.

Does Knowledge Library work on mobile?

Like the rest of Workplace, Knowledge Library is designed with mobile in mind. It’s easy to access information on any device or in any situation - so it’s truly a solution for your entire business.

Who creates the content?

Anyone in your Workplace community can be given access to create, edit, publish content and view individual categories so everyone has access to the right content.

Do I need specialist skills to publish content?

Knowledge Library uses the same simple and familiar tools for content creation as the rest of Workplace, so you don’t need any specialist skills.

Is content on the Knowledge Library visible to everybody?

Only if you want it to be. Otherwise you can select a specific audience based on location, department, job title or Group membership.

A dynamic home for static content

The Knowledge Library is a dynamic home for your static content. Not only is it fully customizable (so you can choose how it looks and what it’s called as well as what information people see), just like the rest of Workplace it encourages engagement through comments and sharing. And because it works on mobile, it’s truly a solution for your entire company.

An easier way to create content

Adding content to your Knowledge Library couldn’t be easier thanks to its simple composer and intuitive interface. Just create a category then start typing. Short on time? Choose a template. Got a little longer? Add images, videos, links, files and more. Want to go deeper? Create a subcategory on important topics.’

Personalized and relevant

Every employee that visits Knowledge Library will see a personalized page with easy access to the information that’s most relevant to them. Decide what they see based on their role, department, region or membership of a Workplace Group. Or you can choose to make content visible to your entire company.

Steve Clark
Senior Manager, Communication Channels, Virgin Atlantic

“We were able to deploy Knowledge Library in under a day to make sure our employees could stay informed about COVID-19. Knowledge Library helps us keep formal information centralized, while Groups are for sharing real-time news and keeping employee spirits high.”

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